Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blessing our Neighbors- GIVE

What have you done to bless your neighbors in a real way? If that's a question that you have to think long and hard about, then it's something that you need to work on. In fact, I feel comfortable saying that it's something that we have to work hard on in general. We just live in a culture which does not value close relationships with people we actually live close to, even though it's something built right into our very nature as humanity.

I listen to the CBC a lot as I drive around, and I often learn many interesting things. The other day there was a social scientist talking about depression rates in new mothers living at home with their children. The assumption was that mothers in rural areas would have higher rates of depression that woman in urban areas, since there is less people to connect to on a regular basis. What they actually found was that depression rates were higher in urban areas, much higher. In fact it was unreasonably higher. So much higher that they decided to take away other risk factors from the surveys such as recent immigration, and other factors which tend to isolate. When this was all done they found that the depression rates were the same across the board. 

This means that when it came to the support systems, and personal connection required to help stem symptoms of depression, living in the middle of Toronto was exactly the same in our culture as living several Kilometers away from our closest neighbors.

We live in a culture where people need to connect with others but not longer automatically connect with people around them. In fact, it seems weird and invasive if a neighbors "gets too close" sometimes. That's why we believe so strongly in intentionally creating relationships with our neighbors. That's what this whole emphasis has been about.

This is also why we're taking some time to set-up a work day for those people around us. Attached is a flyer you can hand out to your neighbors you wish to get to know better. This will offer to them the Church's services for yard work and other chores so that we can grow love, and create relationships. 

Let us know if you can sign up to help this day: Saturday Sept 14th from 1-4PM. We hope to make this a great day of blessing for others. Contact;

Blessing our neighbors handout.

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