Saturday, 11 February 2017

The New Jerusalem: Anniversary service 2017

Today we're looking at the entire chapter of Revelation 21. This chapter has been used many different ways throughout history. We definitely come to this passage with preconceptions and ideas around what it means and what its purpose is. If you wish to view the passage click HERE for a link that will bring you to Revelation 21. If you weren't present for the message, feel free to take some time and read through the point summaries and answer the questions together with your house church.
The city is God's presence- The city from heaven represents God's dwelling with his people intimate, immediate presence.

The city is us- The New Jerusalem as a city wouldn't be a city without it's people. The city is adorned like a bride just as the church is described as Christ's bride in the New Testament. God's people are also described as God's bride in the Old Testament. If we are the city, and the city is God's presence, then this has immediate and real impact on who and what we are.

The city is mysterious- We must accept that the description of this city, as it stands, is impossible. It's impossible at least how we understand possibility and impossibility. The fact that it's impossible says much about how we should approach it.

The city is victorious- In contrast to the conquering eternal city of Rome which ruled the world at the time of this writing, the city of heaven is victorious in different ways. Think not of how the New Jerusalem is victorious in the ways of Rome, but think of how the New Jerusalem is victorious in the ways of Jesus' Kingdom of God.

  1. God's new city does away with the old and brings a new creation. How has God changed you in the past? How is God changing you now? (Making you new)?
  2. What is the difference between the person you are, and the person you want to be?
  3. What are two ways this church can help you become that person?

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