Monday, 13 June 2016

We can agree that shootings are bad, right?

This may seem like a hastily written article. Frankly, it is. I know that I'm already behind on what I am sure are countless posts, blogs and articles writing about the most recent and tragic shooting. And although the horror of what has happened is still present in our minds, I think that it's important for us as a Christian community to reflect on one important thing.

I implore the Christian community to not allow this to become yet another round of debate on homosexuality and LGBTQ issues in general. It seems as if my adult life has been spent watching the church divide itself with a distinct lack of conquering on both sides. I hope not to see any hateful comments directed at the LGBTQ community as much as I hope not to see any of the standard righteous indignation from the progressive side.

This is not a time to show our sides or where we have always stood. This is only the time for compassion and deep, meaningful, genuine prayer.

Because no matter where we stand on these issues I hope that we can all agree that the senseless killing and targeting of any people group is a tragedy. We can agree that mass killings are wrong right? We can agree that targeting individuals based on their sexual orientation is wrong right?

I hope that we can show support and compassion to our LGBTQ neighbors, friends and family after this crisis. I hope that this is something that we can finally stand against together. Wherever you have generally fallen be it traditionalist or progressive (especially traditionalist), I hope to see a unity of love shown without judgment, prejudice or condition. No matter where you have stood, please do not content yourself to be silent.

The Network Church will continue to love and support the LGBTQ community. You are not alone. You are loved and prayed for.

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