Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Summer camp! We want to help send your kids.

Summer camp was one of the most iconic experiences of my life. That one week away in the summer

helped me to form a great part of who I am today. Ever since the time I was eight years old I began attending the same camp every year. I still have friends that I met on my first year there (my counselor actually). I ended up working at that same camp as an adult and spent my final year life-guarding. (I actually met my wife that year, it was a very good summer).

Knowing that there are many children out there who may long for this kind of experience yet may not have the chance simply for financial concerns is one that has been placed on our heart as a church. There shouldn't be these obstacles in childhood and yet they remain within our cultural framework.

Knowing that camp can be such a formative experience, we're excited to announce that the Network Church has decided that any kids who want to go to summer camp should be able to. That's why we're offering financial assistance to any families out there who want to send their kids to camp but otherwise wouldn't have the means to do so.

Funds are limited (of course) and camp registrations have opened, so we ask that you apply soon.  If you're interested please email

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