Saturday, 15 February 2014

It's been two years!

This past weekend was a busy one for our church. It was one of those weekends that makes me more and more proud of what God is doing in the Network.

On Friday we were at Ray of Hope for our very first food service of 2014. Ray of Hope is a great local organization that has its hand in just about every aspect of our local community. So naturally this became one of those organizations we wanted to be involved with. Lately Ray of Hope's had a need for more groups to take on the preparation and service of food for their community centre guests. We were glad to take on one of these regular food service spots and Friday was our first run. We were able to feed about 120 people a delicious (so I heard) casserole, salad, and dessert. This is Tyler stirring in the cheese. And yes, that huge fryer is as hot as it looks.

After this we had our second anniversary service for the Network Church. It's sometimes hard to believe that it was only two years ago that we had a small group of people into our home to discuss a vision for a new church in Kitchener. We've always been a small church, but we've been successful in defining ourselves, growing the relationships we have, and making an impact in our community by sharing God's love in practical ways. I'm looking forward to what God has in store for our little group in the future, growing his vision for us in the way he sees fit. Things were summed up well during our children's time when all the kids learned about how the church isn't a building; it's the people. We are the church. You'll notice that all the hands are overlapping each other. It's a great image of how being the church to each other brings us all into life-giving relationship.

Our anniversary services are also special because we go all out with the music. Whoever said that a house church couldn't have an awesome band sound? Here's a little glimpse of what it looks like to have a church take over your home. All I can say is that it can be very rewarding. Thanks to everyone who's been involved and supported us over the last year.

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