Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Eat to GIVE

I'm going to go ahead and assume that most of you reading this have given to the food bank before. There's a good chance as well that some of you have needed to use that service for your own family in the past, or you're doing so now. If that's the case, then this challenge isn't for you. This challenge is for all of you out there who have always had enough to eat, and have been able to eat well for the majority of your life.

Those of us who have always had as much to eat as we wish have no understanding what it's like for those of us who need to use the food bank. We give to the food bank and it's branches. We give canned foods, dried foods, powdered foods and we never stop to ask, "would I want to eat like this?" It's not the most satisfying, or healthy diet out there.

"But they should appreciate what they get," you might say. Well, I should say the same thing to all of us who have never needed the service of the food bank. All of us who are one tragedy, or one lost job away from needing it. We don't appreciate what we have because it's always been there.

Here's the basic challenge. For one week, June 17-23, we're going to voluntarily take on the diet that the food banks offer. We're going to eat canned soups, canned meats, canned vegetables and whatever else there is. Then we're going to take all the extra grocery money and all the extra great food we enjoy and bless others with it, through the food bank and otherwise.

This is not a challenge for everyone. Children should not eat this kind of diet for an extended time. (Which really says something doesn't it)? But for those of us out there who are relatively healthy I believe that it will be a growing experience for all of us. Keep watching for more info on how to be involved.

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