Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Celebration Services

It's only been since September that we officially started our celebration services. I often find it difficult when people ask me when my "church meets." Because I know that what they're really asking is "when does your service start Sunday mornings." Then I have to explain that my 'church' meets in the evenings. And we call that church a mission community. And we want many mission communities meeting throughout the week. And then every third Sunday or so we get together for a celebration service to praise God for everything he's doing in all of our mission communities.

It's not exactly the simplest structure. But I've found, along with others in my home church, that the tight community we've found together is almost surprising. The support and friendships and discussions we've had are developing the kind of relationships that you just can't have in a large group. And at the same time we want to experience that great drive you feel when you're worshiping together in large group. That's why our church is so confusing. We want to experience both of those extremes in their fullest.

If you've been reading about us on the blog, or following us on Facebook, or receiving our weekly e-mails then you've seen a lot of the cool stuff that's been going on in our church. If you're starting to think, or you've been thinking, that you want to try being involved then our celebration services are the best way to come by and meet some people, or simply sit back and see what we're about.

We're still very new and still discovering better ways to reach into our world with our particular calling. Every person who joins us adds their uniqueness to the blend and that only helps us to impact the world in better and different ways.

Check out our calendar and join us at our next Celebration service. All are welcome with no commitment. We hope to see you with us.

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