Monday, 25 February 2013

A Lent of simplicity- The Calendar

People often like to talk about how we live in the most fast pace, busiest, and therefore most stressful culture ever in history. Even though we are undoubtedly busy and fast paced it is definitely unfair to say that we are have the most stressful culture.

We don't live in a time where the flu is a serious threat life threat after the age of 35. We don't live in a time where starving is easy if you can't hunt what's out there. We don't live in a time when the black plague is killing a third of the people we know. It's deluded to think that we have the most stressful lives of all time.

But more important is the fact that for us, most of the stress we experience is voluntary. We pack our calendars with activities, and gatherings, and meetings. We pack it so full to the point where we can't imagine not having those things anymore. We need them. How can we not do them. 

The real challenge from this post is letting go of the need of a full schedule, and accepting the need of the quiet and the simple. How many vacations have you had where you come home feeling like you need a vacation? How many long weekends have you had where you hit Monday, or Tuesday, just feeling more tired then before? 

There is a need for the simple.

Some of you may have already begun making plans for your Easter weekend in which family gatherings, Church services, and traveling time naturally become a part. But what if we let go of the need to fill that time? Be intentional. Schedule one day where you, or you and your family will set aside for simply being together, to actually focus on Easter. Make a tradition of it. Relax! Watch a movie. Slow down.

The calendar challenge is about simplifying your time, your most valuable resource. What is it you really want to do with it?

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