Thursday, 20 December 2012

Blessing the homeless

The Network Church believes strongly in compassionately meeting the needs of others. It is by reaching out that we experience God in our own lives, and in the lives of others. This sometimes means reaching out to those who are often ignored in our culture, and that is what this particular GIVE is about.

We will be heading out into the streets on the third Saturday of every month for the year of 2013, not only to bless the people in our community who need it most, but also to begin forming relationships. We can to understand them and their situation. We can start learning from them, about them and about God through our interactions. Headed by the Gordon family, we will be handing out hot food, drinks, hats, mits, sunscreen or whatever else the weather and their needs may require.

Meet- 103 Simeon street kitchener
Bring- Packed snacks, appropriate clothes, water bottles (to give away)
Time- 3:30 PM

If you want to be involved, if you want to pledge a donation towards food and other materials, or if you have any ideas or questions please e-mail

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