Sunday, 4 November 2012

Christmas cookie fundraiser for charity: water

Hi everyone! Meredith here. I'm really excited to be blogging about an idea that has been taking shape in my brain for a while now.

For my birthday back in May, I decided to do a charity: water fundraiser. I basically asked people to give to charity: water instead of buying me a gift. The response was incredible! Over $5000 was raised. That money fully funds a well that will provide a community of 250 people with sustainable clean water. What a beautiful gift, eh? This Christmas, I think our church can do even better.

We've set up a charity: water fundraiser for the Christmas season for the Network Church, and we're asking you to get as many people involved in giving to our clean water projects. As an extra incentive, we're going to be baking cookies and giving away tins to anyone who donates $20 or more.

So here's what you need to do:

  1. Visit our charity: water fundraiser called Cookies for Water 2012.
  2. Make a donation!
  3. Share the link to our donation page with your friends via email or social media. Send a message to your work colleagues. Get as many people involved as you can!
Our cookie baking day is going to happen on Sunday, December 9, but depending on the response we get, we may need people to bake cookies outside of that day as well. If you're able to help, please send me an email at

Note that we won't be shipping any cookie tins. Donors will either need to pick up the cookies in Kitchener, or they'll need to know someone at the Network Church who can get their cookies to them.

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