Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Halloween Food Drive

This year we are going to get our community involved in collecting food for the local food bank. On Halloween night we will be out in full swing collecting not only delicious treats, but also much needed necessities for those who don't have as much as many of the rest of us in this city.

But we need volunteers to make it happen. If you are willing and able to help drop off food bank bags in mailboxes (the week before Halloween), or help collect food, or even help by driving your van or pick-up around to unload overladen wagons, then we want you involved. Oh, and remember that you can bring your kids along, and trick or treat while you collect food as well.

Here are the details:
Oct. 24th 7:00- We need people to help drop off food bank bags with attached letters in mailboxes.
Oct. 31st 6:30- We need food collectors and one or two drivers to collect the food.

We need to know how many volunteers we'll have in advance, so please sign up by emailing

Anyone is also welcome to contribute to the food bank drive beforehand by dropping off food at 103 Simeon St, Kitchener, or by bringing food along to our next Celebration Service on October 25.

To finish off this post, let's add a list of the most needed items for the food bank.

  1. Canned Meat & Fish
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Beans in Sauce
  4. Rice
  5. Cold Cereal
  6. Canned Fruit
  7. Macaroni & Cheese
  8. Canned Stew & Chili
  9. Canned Vegetables
  10. Fruit & Veggie Juice

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