Friday, 21 September 2012

Why Hygiene Kits?

Last week I set the goal of making 100 Hygiene kits for MCC. Small kits which are sent out around the world to people who lack the resources for basic hygiene. The last time we did this we were barely able to finance 75, so I thought that 100 was an appropriate goal to push ourselves forward. Well I was wrong.

Since we were so easily able to get to 120, YAY! I think that we'll have to continue to think of new ways to push ourselves to give more and more in compassionate ways to the world around us. Which is beyond awesome. Last night I was so proud to be a part of, perhaps a small group of people, but one with a big giving heart.

I hope everyone who was able to be here to help put these together had a great time! I also hope that everyone who was able to contribute knows that MCC and I, but especially the people who will receive these hygiene materials, really appreciate your support.

These kits contain 1 hand towel, soap, nail clippers, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Things we take for granted in our world, but are necessities in third world, or war torn areas where these basic materials can help prevent deadly or debilitating desease.

Having these kits available and easily transportable can make the difference between a parent being able to look after their children or not. A child being able to contribute to the family or not. Or one of the parents taking precious time off to care for a child with a preventable oral cavity, infection or worse.

These hygiene kits are only one of the kits that MCC sends out into the world. You can read more about the kits they make on their website by clicking HERE. Or you can make a donation to MCC through the Network Church by visiting our GIVING page.

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  1. I love that we could do this together! And I think it's worth mentioning that SO many people from outside of our church helped to make this possible too! A huge thanks to everyone for their giving hearts!